My Best Friend

Take the time to read this blog (and this post) carefully and at your own pace. Thanks a lot. Maybe I should put that on there to get new and more readers here.

Well… here’s the scoop: Computer class is done, and my Business Law class is canceled for today (It was very funny, cause on Tuesday, when my teacher told us that class was gonna be canceled this Thursday, everyone booed and groaned at the same time, asking him “Why are you canceling the class Thursday?!” LOL that had me busting up big time), so what to do til 3:00 later today? I could hang out with my baby, but he has school til 2:50, and that’s way too late for me. I could hang with my friend as well, but I don’t know what’s going on, nor do I wanna know or care what’s going on. Only reason why I said that, was cause usually I leave the school to do some errands for my Mum, or go to Starbucks to sit there for a while, doing my homework and whatnot. Maybe I shouldn’t said that, but oh well, this is MY blog, so I can say whatever I want, thank you very f**kin much. Sorry bout that as well; I usually get that way when someone tells me what I should and should not say online. I usually get on the offensive and defensive at times, so if you see that in my blog, then I apologize for that. It’s usually not in my nature to do so at all, but at times, I will get that way (Intentional or unintentional) just for no reason. So, if I do get that way, then I’m sorry bout it. I had to deal with this for the past 5 years, and I still have to try to control myself from doing that. Otherwise, I’ll end up hurting the people I love, and I really don’t wanna do that.

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, I’m just gonna end up writing on my blog to put my mind at ease (Since I got a boatload of crap I have to put up outside of school, and since I have too much on my mind, I need something to take the weight off of my shoulders… besides talking to and hanging out with my best friends and boyfriend), and for the time being.

It’s now 10:26. Usually, this will be the time to go my class and talk to my friends and classmates, but since class is canceled… I don’t know what to do at this time!!! Well, I do have to do a bit of errands for my Mum (as always), but they’re not that important, and I can always do em before I have to get my Mum.

10:33. I see a small group talking and having fun. Since this is my very first year being an undergrad and my very first time going to this university,, I can’t really say much. However, I do talk to a few of the staff and the teachers here from time to time, so that’s a start. Usually I go to the patio and just watch the lake and seeing people passing by, but it’s a bit too chilly to do so, and since the construction people are still working on the roof, there’s a very foul smell that comes by when you step outside the patio, so until that’s done (or until the smell is gone), I don’t even step foot outside there.

For now, all I can do is type on my blog and sit in the café. The café’s nice.. it’s much more roomier and not a lot of people are here. I call this My Second Starbucks.

So what am I thinking right now? Well, my friend for one, wondering how he’s doing. 2nd, going to Downtown Chicago again for the 2nd time in a row this year (First time I went to Downtown was back in April with my baby). 3rd, seeing how time flies so fast (We’re almost in November. NOVEMBER, my birthday month), there’s no time to lose. *Plays Vineyard Stroll by Various Artists* It makes me shake and tear up a bit, cause where has the time gone by? I always get flashbacks of the past, just thinking bout it. Think about it. Where HAS the time gone by, so fast and so quick? I better move to another topic, before I start to cry, cause it’s really emotional to talk bout such a good, but yet emotional, topic. It makes you think about it.

Next topic.

10:45. I really wanna talk bout my best friend. Her name is Arianna. She’s like a twin sister to me, no wait…, she IS my twin sister, not by blood though, and not by fraternal, and def not by identical. We went to the same grade and middle school together, yet we were met by our other best friend (Who she calls her brother). We’re going through the same stuff together, have parents who gets on our nerves a lot (Her dad gets on her nerves more than my Mum gets on my nerves), and have almost everything in common. We live near each other, but we do have our differences. It’s almost like we’re the perfect best friends, cause we almost never argue. We usually talk bout problems rather than arguing. Communication is key into solving problems between people. Speaking of communicating, I need to talk to my friend bout this next time I either talk or see him, so we can be on point whenever we talk bout our problems.

TPhoto_00001This is me and my best friend (a.k.a., my twin), Arianna.

TPhoto_00002Sisters forever

For some reason, I always tend to look at my computer, then stare at things or the people round me. It’s been a habit since I was a kid, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. People seem to think that by me doing that, I must be stalking em, when in truth, I’m actually not. Hey now, I do that when I’m talking to my friends as well. I either stare at things or people for a few seconds, or I stare down. Again, it’s been a habit when I was a kid, so excuse me for that.

1017121428Our group name: Ari and Sashi. Makes TOTAL sense, no? This is a pic of us before I done Ari’s hair.

1017121532This is after I done her hair. I made her part the opposite of mine, but that’s cause I want her to be like me, lol.

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook that me and Ari are just like Dante and Vergil from the Devil May Cry series.. except we’re the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of em. They fight to see who’s the better brother and who’s gonna rule as the Son of Sparta, and me and her are well, almost perfect.

Note: For the next three pictures, they came from the web, so those pics belong to their respected owner(s).

JackpotJackpot! Hahaha next time me and Ari go to an arcade together and if we see some play guns, we’ll gonna make this part together.

Dante-aand-Vergil-devil-may-cry-3-13697396-1024-768I just found an awesome picture of Dante and Vergil. For some reason, even though I have never played the games before, I like to watch walkthroughs of Devil May Cry 3. I like Dante in that game.

236511-devil-may-cry-3-dante-s-awakening-special-edition-windowsDevil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening (Special Edition). I wanna play this game now, hahaha!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go ahead and watch some YouTube vids now until 11:45. Maybe time will go by fast now.



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