Fashion Post: Hello Halloween Colors

Yesterday I got bored and decided to take some totally different photos. I’ll most likely post em up either before class starts or afterwards. For now, and before I go to bed, I’ll post another fashion photos.

1017121612Hello Halloween colors!

So, my entire outfit:

Hat–  JC Penny’s

Shirt—Wal-Mart (My aunt gave me this as a gift)

Skort (Yes this is a skort for girls. I can wear plus sizes for girls)—JC Penny’s

Leggings (They have the pyramid design, just like on my boots—for a rocker like moi)—Kohl’s

Boots (These are new)—Also from JC Penny’s

1017121615I love my new boots.

Edit: It is now 12 mins until I have to get my butt to class. I was suppose to post this up early this morning at one something, but since my Mum was waking up (and I didn’t wanna hear her voice telling me that I should go to bed), I ended up turning the computer off and going to bed… 30 mins later.



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