Action 52 (Part 3)

Final part of Action 52!!

26. Rocket Jock (Rocket Jockey)

27. Non Human

28. Cry Baby

29. Slashers

30. Crazy Shufle (Crazy Shuffle)

31. Fuzz Power

32. Shooting Gal. (Shooting Gallery)

33. Lollipops

34. Evil Empire

35. Sombreros

36. Storm Over D (Storm Over the Desert) <—This game and Ooze is the only games that have a title screen.

37. Mash Man

38. They Came, or They Came… (They Came From Outer Space)

39. Lazer League <—Well it’s actually suppose ‘Laser’ League, but we all say laser as ‘lazer’.

10 more games to go!!

40. Billy Bob

41. City of Doom

42. Bits and Piece (Bits and Pieces)

43. Beeps and Blip (Beeps and Blips)

44. Manchester

45. Boss

46. Dedant <—It’s suppose to be Dead Ant… wtf with the misspelling??

47. Hambo (Hambo’s Adventures) <—Heehee, a pig version of Rambo.

48. Timewarp (Time Warp Tickers) <—This is how the game works: You’re a pair of fingers in checker land. When you hit something, or when you get hit, it’ll say “Time?”. Time?

49. Jigsaw <—This game and Alfredo are the only two games that crashes when you try to play it. To tell the truth, they crash in most NES cartridges.

50. Ninja Assult

51. Robbie Robot (Robbie the Robot)

Finally… 52. Cheetah Men, or Action Gamemaster (Cheetahmen)

Now that’s Action 52 for the NES. Thanks for reading!



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