Action 52 (Part 2)

Welcome back! Here are the names of the Action 52 games. I’m only gonna do the NES version only, cause some of the games on the NES version you’ll see on the Genesis version. Also, I’m gonna put it into a 3rd part, starting from 1-25. Note: I am gonna include the names from the game itself, and the real names from what I saw on Wikipedia. Some of these games actually have correct titles, so the ones that DO have misleading titles will have the correct titles in ( ).

1. Firebreather (Fire breathers)

2. Starevil (Star Evil)

3. Illuminator

4. G-Force FGT., or G-Force (G-Force Fighter)

5. Ooze <—Note: This one has a title screen. Really?

6. Silver Sword

7. Critical BP., or Crytical Bypass (Critical Bypass) <—Oh, so Critical is spelled with an ‘y’? Really??

8. Jupitr Scope (Jupiter Scope) <—I just noticed that ‘Jupiter’ was spelled wrong in the menu screen. I wonder if anyone else caught it?

9. Alfredo, or Alfred N the Fettuc <—Yea, Fettuc. You have never heard of Fettuc before? Now, I’m not sure if the real name is Alfredo or Alfred in the Fettuccini. Who knows? This just in: The real name is actually Alfredo and the Fettucinis. Really??

10. Operat. Moon (Operation Full Moon)

11. Dam Busters

12. Thrusters <—It sounds like a porno game, but it’s actually one of many shooter games that glitches up VERY BADLY. Don’t ask why I said that it sounds like a porno game, it just does to me. Man I have a dirty mind. XD

13. Haunted Hill, or Haunted Hills (Haunted Hills of Wentworth)

14. Chill Out

15. Sharks

16. Megalonia

17. French Baker

18. Atmos Quake

19. Meong

20. Space Dreams

21. Streemerz

22. Spread Fire

23. Bublgum Rosy, or Bubble Gum Rossie (Bubble Gum Rosie)

24. Micro Mike

25. Underground

Stay tuned for part 3!



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