Action 52 (Part 1)

For those video game freaks like me, have you guys ever heard of this game called Action 52? I have… a bunch of times, but I have never played it before. I heard that it sucks real bad. Here’s a little explaination of this sucky game caled Action 52.

Action 52 is a NES and Genesis game. I’ll see if I can get some photos and vids for it, but for now,programmed by college students. I’m not kidding, it was made by college students. :/

So there are 52 games in all (For NES, it has 52 games, but in the Genesis version, it only has 51. The 52nd game is just an endurance round of the hardest games, so it’s not really a game at all). I have seen the commercial for this game. It’s kinda funny, but it still sucks. Also, for the NES version, it costs $199, which is equivelent to most game consoles back in the 80’s and 90’s. For each game, it’ll usually cost you $4 a game ($3.82 + tax). If you wanna know the names of the games, Google is your friend.

In the NES version, Action 52 has mostly shooter games. In the Genesis version, it has mostly two player games. NES version: Some games crash or don’t even work. They improved it with the Genesis version. NES version also has misleading titles, games that get seizures, games you can’t win nor lose, dying in midair (Yes people, in some games, you can die in midair), very bad graphics, very bad, and sometimes almost unplayable controls, and a whole bunch of other things that makes Action 52 bad.

Note: All of the pics that I’m posting on I found on Google image, so it’s not mine. All photos posted on this post belongs to their respected owner(s).

Action 52, only for Nintendo and the Sega Genesis!

Title screen. “Make your selection now.”

Action 52 is also for the Genesis. “52 Super Games in One Cartridge!” …super games my butt.

This is one of three menus of games.

In part two, I will go into further detail the names of the games and what the games are all about. Also, there’s gonna be another fashion post later on today, so be on a lookout for it!



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