Better Than I Though

So my friend from school asked me earlier last night if I had check out my grade for my dream career presentation. Keep in mind that this happened over an hr ago, when I just got out of work. So I told him that I would check my grade as soon as I got home.

Well hey, as soon as I got home, I checked my grade, and guess what I got? 67/75 (Or, a 67 out of 75 points, to make things less confusion). So, I’m gonna assume that I got a B on it. I would’ve gotten an A, had I not kept on freezing halfway though my presentation. *Shrinks down*

Written part of the presentation: Perfect score. I knew I nailed that.

Then, I decided to check my grades, and guess what? In two of my classes, I ALMOST got an A in em.. by just a few points. If you readers want to be more technical, I got a B+ on two classes. The third class, I have no idea what grade I have, but I can assume that I am between the B-C range.. Prob in the C range, hopefully in the B range.., but I’m gonna assume again, that I am in the B range.

Midterms are either here or almost here, so I have to keep up the B-A range. Only reason why I added the A in that last sentence, is because, like I mentioned before, I’m a couple of points away from getting an A. Actually, I have to keep up the good grade range all through my undergrad year, cause if I want to get a great job, if I want to get the dream job that I want so badly, I have to stand out from the crowd. I have to get good grades, in order to get the job, and to successfully graduate with my Bachelor’s.

That’s all I have to say for that. *Yawns* now if ya’ll excuse me, I’m going to sleep. I’m too sleepy to go on right now. Goodnight for now, and thank you Jesus for helping get my very first year of undergrad school started in the right direction.


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