Weather Statement In Your Area. Take Cover!!!

Okay, I must admit one thing before I move on to today’s topic: I thank you all who have viewed, liked, and commented on my last post (Even though only one person commented on my post, but it was enough to make me feel like I’m getting my word out to the world, and have people listen to what I need to say). I really appreciate it.

Okay. *Takes a deep breath* TAKE COVER!!!!!!


TPhoto_00002This just in: There’s a tornado warning in your area. Take cover now!!!

I just received a text message 23 mins ago (Posted above) from the NWS. Now, so far, in all of my years of living in Cook Country, only one place has never had a tornado touch down, and that is Calumet City. How do I know that? Cause I know. That’s all you need to know.

TPhoto_00003Details about this tornado warning. Sorry if my hair is a mess. On days like today (Where I don’t have anywhere to go, or if I have to work late), I like to leave my hair like it is: A mess.

So for those who live in the Cook County area (Mainly the Northwestern Cook County and parts of Indiana), be on the look out for any tornados towards your way. There are some severe thunderstorms coming your way as well.

1014121428Severe weather statements for Calumet City. To make things worse, I have to drive to work later on tonight (If the storm is still rolling through).

1014121425The weather over here is still in good condition.

1014121425aThe weather here is still in good condition… only except the wind is blowing strong, and there’s a little bird standing on top of the tree.

1014121426Clouds. What a typical day.. only it’s gonna get worse within a few hours.. if the storm winds up coming through here.



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