Trying to Make It More Entertaining, No?

Hello everyone. We need to talk… Big time. I’m starting to get tired, but I really need to talk to all of you, really. *Knocks on the screen* hey, you. Wake up! We need to talk.

Now, I’m trying to make this blog more entertaining. So far… I guess it’s not working, I feel like it’s not exciting. I need to make it more exciting. How am I gonna make it more exciting? Well, I plan on going to Downtown Chicago by the end of this month. My boyfriend and I are going to my friend’s Halloween party at his school. I’m hoping that I can go, cause I want to do something for a change. I’m tired of working on every Halloween for the past 4 years that I have been working at my job. So if I do get to go, I will have some pictures of Downtown Chicago, as well as pictures of my friends and babe in our costumes.

Another thing that I need to do is to talk bout something different on my blog.. but what though? Maybe my financial situation? School? Yea, that’s what I’ll do: Talk bout financial situations and school.

Also, since winter and the holiday season’s coming up, I shall take some pics of the season and also what’s going on during the holiday season.

Again, as I mention before in my previous posts, some of my posts will not have pics. Don’t fret or think otherwise; Even though my blog is called Sashi’s Photography, some of my posts won’t always have photography, not because I can’t think of any pics to post or cause I haven’t took any pics to show all of ya. It’s mainly gonna be that I need to get something off of my mind and/or chest, and post on here. Again, this blog will not only cover my photography, modeling, and fashion skills, but also with my personal life, video gaming, and whatnot. Hey now, if that’s not gonna make this blog more lively and at least interested for the readers, then I don’t know what will.

TPhoto_00001It’s time to get serious.

Seriously, I’m trying my best to keep this blog interesting. What can I do to keep this blog lively and entertaining?

1013122056Take home test. Easy, right? Not exactly. Even with the book with you, sometimes the answers aren’t that easy to find.

1013122058Hands. Without em, we can’t do as much as we can nor want in our everyday lives.

So please, take the time to carefully read this blog, and give me some tips or pointers as to how I can get more followers and views on it. Thank you. Muchos gracias. Domo arigato. Grazie. Danke. Merci.



2 thoughts on “Trying to Make It More Entertaining, No?

    1. True. I been trying to keep up with my photography photos, by trying to go to different places to take pics. Next month will have totally new photos.

      Having variety is true as well. I shall try and stick to em. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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