Holiday Festive Job

A few days ago, I had some sort of stomach flu, and thus, prevented me from writing on this blog these past few days. It mostly occurred in the morning, but other than that, it hasn’t been preventing me from working and do other stuff.

I have tons of photos to show.

1009122023I was bored when I took this. Then again, I decided to be creative with my modeling, thus creating this pose.

Now, here are some pics from yesterday. My job decide to be so creative and holiday festive for the Holiday season… a month before the Holiday season even starts!

1011122141Christmas tress…

1011122141aThe store looks very festive.

1011122142VERY festive.

1011122142aEven the mannequins get a mini Christmas tree each.

1011122144Me standing next to a Christmas tree.

1011122144aThis is new. I haven’t see the frames getting this festive before.

1011122144bChristmas trees everywhere!

1011122147Cozy Ear Muffins

1011122158Get round the Christmas tree, ya headless mannequins. Say cheese!

Final two photos. This was taken today.

1012121729 Sun shining on my face

1012121730Now the sun’s shining , and stays on Erik for a while.




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