New Business Partner?

Now, I don’t have a picture to show for today…, but I will have one tomorrow.

Anyway, the presentation was a success… there’s only one problem though: I froze. I. F**kin. FROZE. I had everything planned out… but as soon as I got halfway through, I started freezing up. X( I’m not sure if anyone has ever had that happened to em, but I freeze up almost all of the time. I freeze up when I present something in front of a crowd… let alone, a class. X( I can’t seem to get over it.

One of my classmates (Who’s also my best friend), did the same topic as me, but since he has more experience with day trading and gone to seminars… he had more info than I did. I think almost everyone in my class has more work experience than I do. Only reason why I have very few work experience is cause I only have one job, and it’s the job that I’m currently working right now. Even those who are round my age have more work experience than me. I feel so left out right now. Sad smile

Anyway, I might be getting a new business partner: My best friend. Since he and I are going through the same career together and might be going to the same job together (Possibility), he can be my new business partner. We’re talking bout this right now, so by tomorrow, I should have an answer. Either way it goes, it doesn’t matter. It’s really cool that he and I are going through the same career together. Smile



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