Sick, Sick, Sick!!!

Yesterday I caught a terrible cold, and as a result of that, I was asleep through most of the day. My best friend, aunt, and grandma all caught the cold, as well. “Blame Chicago.”, my best friend Arianna says. Yea… blame Chicago’s bipolar weather.

Uh oh, my computer class has started, so I must be going. P.S., I will have some pictures for all of you readers, including my big brother (He’s another one of my best friends, but I call him my brother. I have 2 other brothers, as well. I’m an only child, for those who don’t know, so that’s why I call my best friends my brother and sister). Later on next month, I will post some pictures of my sisters and my other two brothers.

Okay, okay.. I’ll tell ya my best friends (My brothers and sisters):

My wonderful brothers: Joseph, Albert, Donte, and Erik (Okay okay, even though Erik’s my loving boyfriend, he’s like a brother to me, as well).

My lovely sisters: Arianna, Ash, Latoya, Ayaka, Brittney, and Jena (Mostly all of my brothers and sisters are either amine fans or video game fans, which is right up my alley! Whoohoo!)



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