My Work in Progress

Here’s my work in progress:

1007121155Me working on my dream career paper. This is the cover page.

1007121156This is actually my finished essay. Took me two pages (Minus the cover page) to complete.

Now, I know the title says “My work in progress”, but I do have some other photos to show. That title corresponds to the first two photos. Here’s the rest of my photos.

1007121617*Hums The Nutcracker*

1007121619When I have a little girl, I’m gonna give her this as her first ornament. Yea, I got the perfect name for my baby girl: Her name is gonna be Sayaka Annour Bowman.

1007121623Who DOESN’T want a KISS ornament? I want one!

1007121624Same question goes for the Elvis ornament.

1008121945That’s just me yesterday when I caught a cold. I was very sick.

1008121945aMe again with Erik the teddy. Yea, I named the teddy bear Erik, so what?

1009120838Final picture. They made this a few days ago. What a guide!




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