A Trip to Candyland

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to Party City to check out some costumes, and look what we beheld:

1005121411aCANDY LAND!!!!! It’s actually Candy City, but for Erik, my boyfriend, it’s a dream come true.

1005121411That’s Erik gazing upon Candy Land.. and the huge gumball machine with Spiderman on top. He literally fell on his knees when he first saw Candy Land.

1005121412That’s just me pretending to get some of those gumballs, lol.

1005121411bBehold… the giant gumball machine.

After we left Candy Land, we proceed to Costume Land.

I tried on a costume, and I LOVE IT!!! Erik was fooling round with the masks.

1005121423Erik playing with a Mitt Romney mask. We kept on making jokes bout it.

Then, I found the perfect costume!

1005121442This is the costume. I’m gonna be a lollipop dolly!

1005121443This is the costume from the back. I should get a job as a lollipop girl… or something similar to that.

Now if you will excuse me.. I gotta get ready for work.



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