USB Not Working X(

Just now, I wanted to upload a photo from my phone to my computer, but I got a message that says that one of the USB drives has malfunctioned. Damit… Oh well. At least I do have one picture that I can post on here for the time being. It’s an old picture, but it’ll do for now until I either get a memory card or a new USB cord for my phone. At least the good news is that I can still charge my phone via my plug and computer. If I couldn’t charge it on either one of those, then I’m in trouble… big time.

I’m really bummed out about my cord not letting me transfer my photos from my phone to computer (Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can borrow Erik’s cord for the time being to transfer the photo, since his is still new), but like I said: at least I can charge my phone with it.

This is another short blog post, since I got nothing else to say, other than my computer teacher gave me three small bags of the original gummy bears candy (He also gave 2 more people a third bag of gummy candy, as well), and I presented my case in my Business Law class. The teacher told me that my case was very good, which I am proud of (Since I thought that I was gonna present my case sometime next week, but of course, me and my big mouth had to say the word “Presentation” out loud, and that made the teacher started the class with the presentations. At least the other cases were funny when we talked bout it), and also I got a B on my first test.

At this rate, since I got a B on my first test, my mind is telling me: “Keep it up, ya nerdy princess… keep it up”. Oh yea, in case you all didn’t know: I am known as the Nerdy Princess… it’s my modeling name. I do a bit of modeling on the side for fun in my spare time, in case you all didn’t know either.

pizap.com13438635474771This is an old picture of me (Not really an old picture. It’s bout 1-2 months old), but I basically made a new background of me on this website called



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