Another USB CORD!!!!!

TPhoto_00001 *As I speak in this pose in this picture* Okay, turn that frown upside down people, and get this: I finally found a spare USB cord!!! YAY!!!!! Open-mouthed smile

I had an old phone that share the same USB cord as my current phone, so BOOYAH!!!!! Open-mouthed smile

So, without further delay, here is the picture that I was trying to show you guys:

1004121145Wearing Pink day 4: Although I am wearing mostly black and white, my pink feather earrings stand out the most. Man, I love supporting Breast Cancer Awareness! As always: Women (And men, because men can get Breast Cancer as well), if you’re fighting Breast Cancer, be strong, and fight your way to victory.

Remember, you’re stronger than Cancer, and I (Along with every other women and girls) are fighting alongside with you: By supporting each other through wearing PINK! Find the cure, save more lives!


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