Autumn Colors

Sorry I didn’t write on here yesterday… I was WAY too lazy, and I just grew tired.. very tired.

I meant to post these pics of the fall colors yesterday. So, there they are.

1001121021Most of these trees and fall leaves I saw and took pics of, were coming to and from school.

1001121022You can only see the green and yellow leaves through this picture…

1001121022aSame with this photo as well.

1001121022bHere, you can see the colors are much more vibrant in some of those trees… and of course, the reflection mirror, as well. Sorry! ^^;

1001121046Okay, I had to put this on here. You never know what things people will write on the walls or bathroom stalls til you see em.

1002120826Back to the fall colors, some of these leaves either are beginning to change, or aren’t ready to change yet. Yet, when I went to school today, some of em are already starting to peak.

1002120831As winter starts to rear it’s head in, some of these bare trees are already starting to prepare for it.

1002120831aSee those fall colors? Fall is here to stay… until mid-November.

pizap.com13492819798221Final picture, and I just saw this today at the grocery store: Limited edition King of Pop Pepsi.



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