Family Time

Ello everyone! I’m back! About yesterday…:

Yesterday was good. I went out to breakfast with my Mum and Aunt at Cracker Barrel. It was nice. Then after that, it got busy. I went to get my laundry done, then got ready for work. I was very tired when I got home from work. I didn’t get in til bout 12:09 in the morning. That’s why it took me so long to write on here, cause I was so tired today.

0929120905The Cracker Barrel in Tinley Park

0929120908There’s a couple of schools near here. If you can see up ahead, there’s a Devry University nearby.

0929120908aThe main place for all of the yummy foods and country stuff and toys: Cracker Barrel! Smile

For some reason, my family calls Cracker Barrel, “Crackelin Barrel”. The first time that I went there was when I was a baby. Now… I try to say what’s on the sign: “CRACKER BARREL”, not “CRACKELIN BARREL”.

0929120908bGod bless America and our heroes.

0929120916Cracker Barrel has really great drinks! I got hot chocolate.

0929120937The food here is great! I had a chicken biscuit, fried apples, and scrambled eggs… well, my aunt has my eggs, since I don’t like nor eat eggs. That’s just my aunt and Mum on the other side with their breakfasts.

So breakfast was great! We spent a lot of time checking out the clothes and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff there. Speaking of which…:

 0929121008A laughing, moving witch’s broom! It was too funny to see everyone’s reaction to it!

After a while, it was time to go. It was sad to leave Tinley Park, cause I really like it there. I’ll visit it again.

0929121044 A much better shot of Devry University

0929121053This here, is the Tinley Park Convection Center.

0929121053aTo I-80 and back.

What I learn from yesterday, is that family time is valuable and important, and that each family should cherish that bond eternally.

One more thing before I end this blog: I want you all to see this board I saw while my Mum and I was driving down Halsted:

0929120852Now, the only reason why I left it sideways, is because you can read it better from there. Anyway, what do you think about this? All opinions are valued here.



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