Going Downtown… To Downtown Chicago, That Is

As I listen to my music (I have a collection of smooth jazz and late night jazz music that I love to listen to when I’m in the city), my imagination puts me in the one place that I want to go to before this year ends: Downtown Chicago. I want to go there before the year is out, but I might not go, because of the different plans that are either set out or are changing for little to no reason. I do want to go to the Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest that comes in December (Hopefully work doesn’t prevent me from going there), and go ice skating for the first time, as well. We’ll see.

I really miss going to Downtown Chicago, because that’s where I can escape from this stressful world I call life. It’s my one way ticket to freedom. Not only that, but I can let my imagination go free, and sit at a café while listening to my jazz collection, knowing that I am at my own place, and I can watch the buildings and the people go by. Knowing that I am truly at my dream place, just makes me happy.. it makes my soul go free, knowing that it, too has a place for this city.

apartment_buildings_by_princessmaki13-d4sgni1 My dream is to live in Chicago, where I can see the Skyline every night, or right in the heart of Downtown Chicago.

even_more_buildings_by_princessmaki13-d4sgl6hI know it’s going to be very expensive living there, but in case that doesn’t work, I can live very close to downtown.

nearby_downtown_chicago_by_princessmaki13-d53df8tI know it might take me a few to several years to make my dream come true, but I just want to live near or in Downtown Chicago. Is that too much to ask??

Where I live right now, is in the suburbs.. the most boring, and quiet place at this time. Sure it’s much safer (It seems), but it’s not for me. When I was a kid, I wanted to stay in the suburbs, so I can stay with my friends. Now, being at 22, almost 23 years old, things have come a LONG way since I last said that. All of my friends have moved, I have a job (At least I have a job.. a dead end job is better than being unemployed), and like most of the young adults and adults these days (Being between the ages of 18-25), I want to move out. How am I going to move out? Well I have a plan. If I can get a second job (Or at least a better job that pays more), then I can use the money to start saving money to buy me a new used car. As soon as that’s settled, all I have to do is save, save, save. Eventually, by the time I graduate with my Bachelor’s, I would’ve got my career started.

If I don’t touch my savings account (Or at least put back the money I’ve already spend by week’s end), then I should have enough money to pay off all of my student loans. Once that’s done, I will finally be able to start saving up to move to Chicago (Or if I can get a job there, then hey, mission accomplished… or should I say: Dream accomplished?). Hopefully my plan will follow through, but if not… then I always have a backup.

So yea, that’s my plan. Either way it goes: I still want to live in Chicago (Or if I can get a chance, move to Downtown Chicago), cause I love it there. It’s very beautiful there. Hopefully the next time I travel there, I will be able to take pictures there.

Chicago_12X30_blue_nightI didn’t take this photo; I found it on Google, so I give total credit to whoever took this, and more importantly, this photo belongs to its respected owner(s). I owe nothing.

Let’s hope for the best. Even if I have to move to say.. Tinley Park, or Park Forest or wherever first, as long as I can make my dream a reality, there’s going to be no one (Nor nothing) to stop me.

more_skylines_by_princessmaki13-d4sgj5iThis photo, however, I took a while back. I hope that I can get a chance to drive or walk in this area, or any other place in this city.

Here’s to my dream: Living in Downtown Chicago, or in Chicago (Where I can see the skyline and/or have a walking or biking distance to Downtown)!



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