Eventful Yesterday

Lemme start out by saying this: Yesterday has been eventful. I had school (As usual), then I had to drop my Mum off at work and go to this Business and Technology Internship and Career Fair at my school, hang out with Erik for a hour or two, then I had to go work for 4 hrs. It was a total drag.

So, the career fair: It was very good. I had to print several resumes, but I only needed bout 5.. which was weird, cause I was trying to print out 13 copies, but my old printer got jammed up and didn’t wanna work, and I was running out of time, so I only had to print out 6 copies. I really floundered at the fair, cause the employers were asking the main question: “What type of position were you looking for”? I didn’t know what to say.. so I just ended up saying the first thing that came to my mind: “A part or full time job.” Damit.  X( Totally froze there. Thankfully the employers were nice though. All in all, it was good, and I ended up handing out 5 resumes.. and sparing the final one.

Before the career fair started, I had a test in my MIS-2101 class, and bout 30 some minutes of just finding something to do after my test was over, my Mum texted me, asking me if I wanted to work tonight. I kept telling her no, since I didn’t wanna work tonight… but she just got on my nerves long enough for me to finally gave in. X( She was telling me that Miriam, our supervisor (I call her mi hermana, porque ella es como una… well, hermana a me. I kinda suck at Spanish, so I’m still learning.) was gonna have me do sets, but come to find out.. I had to zone a dept that I hate working at: Misses, Juniors, and Mens. For those who have or are working retail right now, then you know how I feel bout having to zone a hated dept. So that was for bout 4 freakin straight hours. Thankfully Miriam, Andrea, and Katie were there, so I had some comforting company there to share my pain with.

Now tell me, wouldn’t you feel so pissed off if someone made you to come in to work for bout 4-5 hours, then tell you that you’re really gonna be doing something else, rather than sticking to his/her word this whole f**kin time?! Yea, I was really pissed off, cause I was being told that I was gonna do sets, but instead, I had to zone a dept. You mean to tell me that I have been lied to this whole f**kin time?! Yea, I have to censor out the f-bombs, but in reality, I really do censor out the cursing, cause I rarely curse… and even if I do, I’m usually very upset in order for that to happen.

By the way, I don’t have any pictures to—oh wait, I do, but they’re not the most recent ones that I took. I forgot to upload em on my computer last night. So those will be posted in a separate post later on today after I get things situated with my Mum and hanging out with my baby.

Like I said in my previous posts, this blog will be about not only my photography and my fashion photos, but also about my personal life and all sorts of different things, and that includes me venting my anger out. As far as news and games are concerned, I might do a post on one of them sometime either this or next week. Unlike the people who I have to deal with almost every week (Or every other day) who don’t stick to their freakin word, I do stick to mine. If I don’t, I usually either make up for it, or post it in advance. With that said…

0902122028I gotta listen to this song now, since it’s stuck in my head for a while now. Yea, I was playing with these block-like tissues and I had to make up something, so I came up with one of my many favorite songs.



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