I’m Totally Impressed

WOW!!! I ‘ve gotten 20 likes on my blog and 4 followers thus far!!! Open-mouthed smile Thank you all!! Thank you all who have view, like, and follow my blog!!

Now, just a heads-up, there will be some posts that I won’t have any photography on. It’s not because I’m way too lazy (Or even lazy at all), but because of a few reasons. First: I’m trying to find new ideas and new photos to post on here (Even if it’s just in the same location that I have took pictures before, but I’m trying to be creative here and take on new photos at different locations, so please… bear with me here). Second: The holiday season is coming up fast (In less than two months), so along with school, I will be getting more hours at my dead-end job, so those will prevent me from doing some photography (As well as having new posts on my blog). Finally: Spending time with friends and family, and also when my Thanksgiving break starts, I will be spending a lot more time with playing my video games as well (Hey, I’m a gamer, and I do love to play video games when I don’t have work and school to do).

So those are my three main reasons as to why I won’t be posting my thoughts and ideas (As well as my photography) on my blog. Enough bout that. I still wanna thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for viewing, liking, and following my blog! …and guess what? It’s only day 4, and already I got 20 likes, thus far? Wow! I’m totally impressed!! As I finish this blog on my computer in Starbucks, listening to my Lifescapes CD, there’s just one thing I have to say about my life so far and my blog:

god_is_good_by_princessmaki13-d4sgmv9God is indeed good.


P.S. Don’t hesitate to comment on my posts (And page) every now and then, people. I won’t bite. Winking smile I would really appreciate it!


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