Stop, Stare, and Listen

0924120739Everyone needs to stop and stare at the sky or at nature’s finest for a minute, just to either breathe in that fresh air, reflect on life, or at least gaze in awe at the buildings and scenery in the city.

Most importantly, everyone needs to listen to the world around them, whether it be enjoying nature’s finest, hearing the wild, wonderful, and crazy kids playing outside, or hearing a baby talking and laughing, we all need to listen to what’s around us.


It’s very important to listen now more than ever. It’s just as important as communication. Listening can mean the difference between life and death… in some situations. It can also mean the difference between success and failure. How? Let me give you an example.

Say you’re a businessperson, and in your company, you have to present a very important report. Your boss gives you very important instructions as to what type of report he wants you to present to his/her clients and the executives. For some reason, you understood the instructions, but for some odd reason, you didn’t listen to the last part of it, which was to print and make copies of your report, so you can give it to your boss and the others. So you get started on the presentation, and two weeks later, you present your report. Your boss is wondering where are the copies of your report, and guess what? You forgot them. Result: You get penalized for it.

So here’s another example. One day, a teenage girl was walking to school with her headphones on. She was on her way to the school, when she didn’t realize that there was a train coming by. As soon as she walked onto the tracks with her headphones bursting loud in her ears, she didn’t hear the train whistle coming, and a few seconds later, she was killed by the train.

So yea, it’s important to listen, cause it can not only save your life, but also save your job and whatnot.


P.S., this was the best attempt that I could do in this listening blogpost.


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