Fashion Post 1 and Game Lounge

Hello everyone! This is Sashi again, and this is my very first post… fashion post! As you can see, I like to dress up differently. I love to do fashion modeling for a hobby. In the following two pictures (I do have a photographer, but most of the time, he’s at work or busy, so he can’t take photos of me, so I have to do it myself), you’ll see me in an early Halloween shirt, along with a leather jacket, and black scarf. Now as you can see, one style that I love to dress is a rocker/metal style… some sort like that. To that, you now see why I love wearing  skulls.

0924120841So most of the time, I have to take either self-shot photos, or photos with mirrors, mainly in bathrooms. Sorry bout all of that. As you can see, this is the outfit that I wore yesterday.


0924120841a This is my outfit.

Hat: Mudd beret hat from Kohl’s.

Jacket: East 5th leather jacket from JC Penny’s (I got it a LOONG time ago. I’m surprised it still fits and is in good shape).

Shirt: Halloween skull from Wal-Mart (Again, I got it a long time ago). Also, I forgot to mention this: I was wearing a feather bobbypin (Also from JC Penny’s). You can see it clearly in the first picture.

Scarf: Somona popcorn scarf, also from Kohl’s

Anyway, that’s my fashion post. Now onto the rest of this wonderful blog. My university has a game lounge! So not only did I played pool, I actually was watching tv as well! Now, I really suck at pool, so I all I was doing was practicing. I might go to the game room tomorrow morning after I finish doing research on my Design Your Dream Career project and when I get home (If I have time after hanging out with the babe and picking up my Mum from work), I’ll get a chance to study for my computer test.

0925121245Two guys playing table tennis and the other guy watching. I just met them today; they’re really nice guys.

0925121251Game of pool, anyone??

Oh yea, guess what?? My other test (I have to take two tests, but one of them, I have to take this Thursday) in my Business Law class is a take home test!! So all of the questions are from in the book!! WHOOO!!!! How cool is that?!



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