Governors State University: The View Outside

This is the university that I go to: GSU. School was great as always today! I had Business Communications class today. We were talking about listening skills and our next project: Research and present our dream job!!! Open-mouthed smile I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!!

So, my project is due on Columbus Day.. which means that most schools are suppose to be closed, but I don’t think my new school is gonna be closed on that day. If it’s open, then YES!!!! I really don’t like to stay home when school’s closed.. unless I get a chance to hangout with my baby or at least sit at Starbucks for a while. Yea, I like to sit at a café for a while or for long periods of time by myself, because I can get a chance to sit and either study and read for my classes, or surf the web via wi-fi on my computer.

Anyway, that’s all for this blog. I will do a blog on listening skills tomorrow. To finish this, I will show you pictures of my university… well, parts of it.

0823121027Stairs leading down, to the patio at the bottom of the university

0823121027aYou can walk to the first floor of the university, and to the lake

0823121028This is the lake that’s at my school. I always go outside and sit by the lake before my last class starts every Tuesday and Thursday.

0823121029A lone, bloomed flower

0823121029aPeople jog through this path

0823121030Oscar’s Inclination

0823121032Up ahead is where students can sit, do homework, hang out, and relax over at the balcony

0823121033This little guy wants to fly. That’s the only reason why I didn’t rotate the picture, cause I wanted to make the little statue to fly






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