Now, one thing that I will sometimes talk on my blog is my job… my job that makes me feel unappreciated.


TPhoto_00001 I know that it is a bad picture of me, but bear with me here. I just took this from my webcam just now.

Now and days, this is how I feel every single time I get home from work.




Tell me this: If you worked or are working at a retail job or any type of job for more than 3-5 years, and you HAVEN’T been employee of the month or year, or whatever… and you have been working as hard as you can… wouldn’t you feel the same way?

Well, to tell the truth, that’s what I’m going through right now. I have been working my arse off for almost 4 years at this retail job, and so far… it seems like I’m the only person who has worked that long, that hasn’t been employee of the month. Not ONCE.

I am ready to find a new job, but here’s another problem: I’m living with my Mum, and I don’t have my own car, so the end result is: I can’t work no farther than a mile away from my house, my Mum’s job, nor at my school (By the way, my Mum works at the same job as me, and she’s been employee of the month a few times). So.. until I have my own car, I’m stuck.

That’s one major problem that I have with my job. The other problem is not enough hours for the people who work at my job. Well hey, no wonder why so many people quit; not enough hours of work = not enough money to pay for bills, put food on table, etc. If you’re living rent-free (Meaning, you’re living in a parent or grandparent or someone’s house, and you don’t have to pay part or all of the rent there), you better find a way to pay for some of your bills, credit cards, save up for retirement or put half of your money in a savings account.

Anyway, that’s all I gotta say about this blog entry. I needed to vent my anger and depression from work tonight, and I decided to vent my anger on here. Now I can finally get some sleep. Goodnight to all.



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